The MeterLink is a UL-listed, socket-mounted transfer switch that provides a safe and convenient way to connect portable generator power to your home in minutes! 

Installed behind your electric meter, this device delivers generator power directly to your breaker box, eliminating the hassle of running power cords through your home and the need for expensive transfer switches, as well.

The device also provides continuous surge protection for the home to protect your electrical system.

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  •  $995 $99 One-time installation fee (Residential Customers) 
  • Only $11.95 + Tax per month (per residential device installed)
  • 30-minute Express Installation
  • Call (305) 224-4702 to sign up

Benefits of MeterLink: 

  • Easiest and safest generator connection
  • Run virtually any appliances up to the capacity of generator
  • Protects your valuable electrical equipment
  • Lengthens the life of your electrical equipment.


The Homestead community knows about lightning. Direct lightning strikes will always cause damage, but most damage (80% or more) comes from nearby lightning events. Lightning travels to equipment like televisions, computers, phones, appliances, and air conditioners. 

In addition to lightning, there are many sources and types of surges: transmission related and from your own appliances such as air conditioners, pumps, motors, etc. Damage to your equipment can be avoided with a MeterLink system.

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HPS offers a Safe and Easy Way to Connect Your Portable Generator.

  • Turn off electric panel breakers
  • Connect portable generator to device attached behind electric meter
  • Start your portable generator,
  • Device automatically disconnects your house from the electric utility grid.
  • Control which appliances you want to use by flipping the breakers in your existing electric panel.

Price: $99 one-time install then only $11.95 per month

  • Includes a unique fitted connector that allows you to plug your generator directly into device without needing a separate interconnection box. The quick-connect cord is specific for each generator, so the style of plug required by the generator must be known when ordering.
  • Device will be billed to your electric account after it has been installed.
  • Device cannot be used with bi-directional meters used by interconnected solar customers (net metering).

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For more information or to place an order, call HPS at (305) 224-4702.


  • HPS typically installs unit 1-2 weeks after order requestBeSmart
  • Takes about one hour to install
  • Homeowner must be present to review safety checklist with HPS installer
  • Home’s electric panel must be 200 amps or less.


MeterLink Program is only for use with portable generators (up to 10,000 watts) that will be temporarily connected.


  1. How do I order my MeterLink device? 
    • Call HPS at 305-224-4702. The device can only be installed by an HPS technician.
  2. How can I pay for my device? 
    • The device will be billed to your electric account after it has been installed. 
  3. Do I need a generator in order to use the device? 
    • Yes. This is an interconnected device that enables you to connect your portable generator directly to your home’s wiring system. During a power outage, your generator becomes your source of emergency back-up power. This device is designed as an alternative to expensive transfer switches and hazardous extension cords.
  4. What size generator do I need? 
    • You will want a generator that can run the largest appliances and motors you will need during an outage. The capacity of the generator will determine the power load and number of appliances that can be operated simultaneously. Changing which appliances receive power is then as simple as turning circuit breaker switches on and off.
  5. What happens when the utility power is restored and my generator is operating through my device?
    • Your generator continues to power your home until you turn it off. Once you turn off your generator, the device will automatically switch your home back to utility power. The device has a built-in safety feature that prevents back feeding the generator’s power into the utility lines, eliminating hazardous conditions for you and for utility service personnel.
  6. Is there maintenance required? 
    • There is no regular maintenance required. However, it is recommended that you test your generator every 3 months.
  7. Does my utility meter continue to run when using the device with my generator? 
    • No, your utility meter will only run when the utility is providing electric power to your home. When using the device, with your portable generator, you are automatically disconnected from the utility power supply and will not reconnect until you turn off your generator.
  8. How can I tell when the utility power is restored? 
    • There are three indicator lights on the device, one green, one yellow, and one red. When the green light is illuminated, this represents a normal condition where utility power is present. When your utility has restored power you can de-energize and disconnect your generator from the device. When the yellow light is illuminated, this indicates that the household load is greater than 30 amps. It is normal for the yellow status light to be illuminated while utility power is present. The load must be reduced by turning off circuit breakers before the device unit can be operated with a generator. If the red light is illuminated at any time or in conjunction with the green light, there is a potential problem and you should have the unit serviced immediately. (Refer to the Terms and Conditions for service instructions)
  9. What happens if the generator gets overloaded? 
    • Your generator should have a circuit breaker that will activate in the event of an overload. If it does not have this feature, it is not suitable for use with this device. If the generator’s circuit breaker trips, turn off all the household circuit breakers in your breaker panel, reset the circuit breaker on the generator, and restart the generator. Please refer to your generator owner’s manual for complete instructions on the safe operation of your generator.
  10. What happens if I want it removed from my home? 
    • To remove, replace, or repair your device, you must contact HPS. Only HPS technicians have access to the device. Do not, under any conditions, attempt to remove and/or repair it yourself. If the homeowner moves, a transfer of the device may be requested for only $100.