Solid Waste Rules & Tips

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HPS Sanitation provides efficient and reliable solid waste collection and recycling services for our customers. For questions or concerns, please call our office at (305) 224-4860.

Placing Your Cans & Bulky Waste Piles

On collection days, wheel your container to curbside for collection with the handle facing your home.  Garbage cans, recycling cans, and bulky waste piles must be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00pm the evening before collection and not later than 4:00am the day of collection.  All cans must be removed from the curb by 8:00pm on the day of collection.

Garbage cans, recycling cans, and bulky waste piles must be place at least five feet apart from on another and must be clear from obstacles like bulk waste piles, mailboxes, trees, and cars.


Each home receives a Supercan with a green lid to dispose of general household waste.  The following materials should not be placed in the Supercan: dirt, sod, liquids, rocks, concrete, paints, toxic or flammable materials, construction debris, dead animals, roofing materials, leaves, grass, clippings, branches, metal, or wood.

Certain chemicals and materials such as paints, acids, and propane tanks must be disposed of specially at a  Home Chemical Collection Center.

HPS Sanitation Staff and Supercan
Recycling Can


Each home receives a Recycling Can with a yellow or gray lid.  HPS offers single-stream recycling so you don't have to separate different types of recyclables.  HPS accepts, plastics, cardboard, paper, glass, aluminum, and steel.  All recyclables should be clean and empty.  Containers should be rinsed and free of food waste.  Cardboard items should be dry.  Find out more about what you can and can't recycle with our handy recycling guide or watch this short video.

Bulky Waste Pickup

Large bulky items and yard waste should be placed at the edge of the street on your property one day prior to the scheduled pickup date and no more than 10 cubic yards. Bulk must be place at least five feet from any obstacles like mailboxes, trees, and cars.

Appliances HPS can collect include: stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dryers, and water heaters.  Doors must be removed from refrigerators and freezers.

Yard waste includes grass, leaves, trees, and shrubbery cuttings.  Tree limbs and logs must be less than four inches in diameter and stumps must be less than fifteen inches in diameter and less than fifty pounds in weight.

The following items MUST NOT be included in Bulky Waste Pickups: dirt, sod, liquids, rocks, concrete, paints, toxic or flammable materials, construction debris, tires, dead animals, or roofing materials.

Bulk Waste Pickup

Report Illegal Dumping

To report illegal dumping, contact the City of Homestead Code Compliance Office by calling (305) 224-5580. If the problem is in Miami Dade County, please call 311.