Solid Waste Pickup Dates

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We have GOOD NEWS for you! The increased level of service that was provided by the City of Homestead, increasing the collection of recyclables and bulky waste from twice a month to once a week, at no additional cost will continue in 2021. Your regular garbage pickup days remain the same.

These additional collection days have allowed all customers to receive bulky waste pickup early in the week. You can find your scheduled collection dates for garbage, recyclables and bulky waste in a calendar we will be mailing to you before the end of the year. Please adhere it to your refrigerator or any other visible area to easily remind you of your scheduled pick-up dates.

If you have any questions any in regard to your service. Please call (305) 224-GOOD.

See your 2021 garbage, recycle and bulky waste pick-up calendar by clicking on your zone.