Storms over FloridaThunderstorms...Hurricanes...Tropical Storms...Lightning...Living in South Florida requires you to be prepared! Lightning and electrical power surges cost Florida homeowners millions of dollars in damage to electrical equipment every year. The storm season will come...beat it with SURGEBLOCKER!

Surge conditions are a fact of life in all electrical systems...home or business. 

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Benefits of SURGEBLOCKER: Be Smart

  • Protects your investments.
  • Protects your valuable electrical equipment.
  • Lengthens the life of your electrical equipment.

The Homestead community knows about lightning. Direct lightning strikes will always cause damage, but most damage (80% or more) comes from nearby lightning events. Lightning travels to equipment like televisions, computers, phones, appliances, and air conditioners.

In addition, to lightening there are many sources and types of surges: transmission related and from your own appliances such as air conditioners, pumps, motors, etc. Damage to your equipment can be avoided with a SURGEBLOCKER system. 


Grounding is a safety measure to prevent injury from electrical circuits in your home. SURGEBLOCKER requires a code compliant ground at your home in order to function properly. Your grounding system will be checked and repaired if necessary, at no additional cost, as a part of the SURGEBLOCKER program. 

Surgeblocker & Your Business

Business facilities suffer from electric power and surge difficulties too.  Data loss, equipment failure, and downtime losses all harm your profits.  Help is available.  Find out what is necessary to protect your business and electrical equipment.  Get your business facility surveyed today for FREE!

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