As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020, Development Services is closed to the public to promote "Social Distancing" and safety for residents and staff in light of the current national and regional COVID-19 outbreak. Staff is still working and will conduct business online.  Field inspections will continue until further notice.  Click here for contact information.

Welcome to Development Services

Where Business-Friendly is our Business

To create and enhance a vibrant city, the City of Homestead’s Development Services Department combines urban planning, building permitting / inspections, and economic development in a coordinated manner to advance Homestead’s diverse and distinct neighborhoods, promote a prosperous economy, and increase the overall quality of life for the business and residential communities. 

Our Focus

The Development Services Department is focused on efficiently and effectively assisting residents, businesses, and developers through a fair and objective development review and approval process, as governed by the city's code. Additionally, the department works to implement practical solutions on issues associated with comprehensive planning, zoning, plans review, building inspections, business tax receipts, growth management, neighborhood and environmental planning, urban design, sustainability, and economic development.

Working with communities and public agencies alike, the Development Services Department strives to preserve and shape a safe, vital, and well-planned urban environment through the regulation of land use, zoning, and building. The department is made up of the following divisions:
  • Building Safety Division - Responsible for ensuring the safety of all new and existing facilities in the city; manages plans, inspections and building permits; and upholds the Florida Building Code
  • Business Services Division - Connects new and existing businesses to resources to grow and expand their businesses, and provides business tax receipts and special event permits
  • Planning and Zoning Division - Works with applicants wanting to develop or redevelop land to ensure that the development application is fairly and objectively moved through the process so that the resulting product is in compliance with code
  • Economic Development Division -  Liaison to the community to assist in building strong relationships between businesses and city departments, and to implement and improve methodology for steady economic growth

​We're Making Life Easier with NEW Online Payment Options

Development Services is now accepting online payments for Hearing Applications, Building Permits, and Local Business Tax Receipts. Under the current Declared State of Emergency, the convenience fee will be passed on to the applicant/customer.

Click here to make your payments online. In order to process your payment, please have your account number ready. Your account number will be specific to the Hearing Number, Building Permit, or Business Tax Receipt that you are seeking to pay for. 

Planning & ZoningPlease contact for a 6 digit account number. 

Building PermitsThe account number is your 8 digit process/permit number displayed on the permit invoice. 

Business Tax Receipt:

New Businesses: The account number is the 7-digit Tax Receipt Number displayed on the invoice received. Please contact for further questions.

Existing Businesses: The account number is the 7 digit Tax Receipt Number found on the top left corner of the City of Homestead Local Business Tax Receipt.