New Business Guide

The City of Homestead supports new businesses, entrepreneurs, and welcomes new businesses to our community. The following information is particularly relevant to new businesses, but please note that this list does not cover everything so we have included many reference numbers and website links to assist you in your endeavor.  For any additional questions, please call (305) 224-4832.

Fictitious Name Act

If your business uses any name other than your own, you must register or re-register it under the Fictitious Name Act with the State of Florida, Division of Corporations in Tallahassee. This requirement does not apply to corporations. For filing procedures or questions call (850) 245-6058 or visit

State of Florida Hotel and Restaurant

Any business dealing with foods, pest control, and/or any health-affecting product or service, public swimming pools, individual sewage disposal facilities, trailer parks, bottled water plants, food processing plants, food outlets, and restaurants needs a Health Food Permit. The type of food business you have determines the agency that inspects your business. A list of those agencies follows:

State of Florida Hotel and Restaurant
1313 Tampa Street, No. 106
Tampa, Florida 33602
(727) 272-2200

State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Food Safety Inspection
(800) 435-7352

State Sales Tax

The State of Florida and Miami-Dade County collect a 7% retail sales tax on certain items. You must register with the State of Florida to collect this tax. For further information, contact:

Department of Revenue, Miami Service Center
8175 NW 12th Street
Suite 119
Miami, FL 33126-1828
305-470-5001 (ET) or

State Unemployment Insurance

This tax applies to both new and existing businesses with one or more employees. It assesses the wage of each employee. Employers must get information about liability from a local state-employment office. The employer files quarterly reports with:
Florida Department of Labor and Security
Division of Unemployment Compensation Tax
308 Caldwell Building
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0212
(850) 921-3108

Worker's Compensation

The Florida Department of Labor and Unemployment Security also handles worker’s compensation. A non-construction-related business that has four (4) or more employees requires worker’s compensation. For more information:

Division of Worker’s Compensation
Bureau of Compliance
9215 Florida North Avenue No. 107
Tampa, Florida 3612
(727) 930-7548

Employee/Employer’s Tax and Self Employment Tax

Contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
51 S.W. First Ave.
Miami, FL 33130
(305) 982-5077


You apply only if your business is a corporation or if you plan to incorporate.

Division of Corporations
P.O. Box 6237
Tallahassee, Florida 32314
(850) 488-9000

Working in Other Municipalities

If your business requires that you work in other municipalities, check with each municipality for its licensing ordinances.