Business Incentives

Homestead Is a Natural Fit for Your Business

The City of Homestead is committed to ensuring the success of new and existing business in the city, and we can’t wait to help you relocate or start your business in Homestead. Florida is consistently ranked as one of the top pro-business states in the country for a number of excellent reasons:
  • Florida has fair, clear, and predictable codes and review processes.
  • Florida has a low corporate income tax rate and no personal income tax.
  • Florida is one of only a few "right to work" states in the United States.
  • Florida offers highly competitive costs of doing business.
  • The Florida tax system clearly provides a business-friendly environment and offers new and existing businesses many different incentives.
  • The sales tax in Homestead is only 7%.
Let our Economic Development Office provide a free business consultation to discuss the business incentives that are available for your business when you call (305) 224-4832.